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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goodbye GeoCities

It was sad to see the GeoCities service from Yahoo! close down recently. As our long time members would know, our first NAT website was hosted by GeoCities, and had some really long address (I think it was or something like that!). During times the group was a bit short of money (which is pretty much always!), we diverted our domain name back to our GeoCities one.

A few of our earlier programs also started off their websites on GeoCities, but later moved to paid hosting plans. If any of the links in Past Programs or on the links page are now dead, then sadly a lot of them will be lost because of the closure. I will try to update and/or remove the dead links as I get a chance.

Thanks to GeoCities and later Yahoo! for the service. It was a big help in our early days on the web!

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