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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interstate Developments in Community TV

TVS - Television Sydney

TVS in Sydney is now broadcasting a Digital Community TV Service! To receive the new channel in Sydney, do a re-scan on your set top box or digital TV and then tune to Digital Channel 44. See for more details.

WTV- West Television, Perth

WTV will soon commence it's brand new Digital Community TV Service (on Digital TV only - no Analog service) Try a rescan of your digital TV or set top box to pick up the new channel on Digital Channel 44. More information on the new station at


NAT's Inline Plus TV is set to air on Perth's new Community TV service from mid April - More details soon!

This is the 7 episode series that was seen in Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide in mid 2008.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Extra Time TV - Starts 10th March

Visit the Extra Time TV site and Video Portal

Extra Time is a new magazine football show in production which will be featuring games from all parts of Victoria including VPL, WPL, Futsal and branching out to other states. It will have profiles, trivia and a round up of the league

With the co-operation of participating clubs, all footage to be supplied to Extra Time will be re-packaged in highlights packages. A minimum of 3 VPL games will be shown every week with the focus of featuring ALL games every week.

No need to keep on a lookout... The show is gong on with our great friends at C31 !


First Episode Screens on Wednesday 10th March 2010